Marti Stone – rapper, producer, songwriter – known as one of the most important Italian female rappers.

“Marti Stone is the champion of multilingualism in Italian hip-hop. She uses rhymes in English, French, Spanish, Italian and occasionally even dialect within her tracks: she rhymes with every resource at her disposal, often rhyming words between languages”.

(Isbella Maria Livorni – Senior Thesis – Columbia University of New York)

Her solo carreer officially started in 2014 when her first studio album was released. Before that, she was in a duo called Stoned Monkeys, formed by her and a producer who worked with her for 5 years, releasing 2 street albums and many singles online.
She became known in the underground scene, mainstream press and TV put her among the best upcoming under 21 rappers of 2013.

In 2018 Marti Stone joined Italian TV Show “Amici di Maria de Filippi”.